Administration Division


The Public Works Administration Division provides direction, coordination, and support to all of the department’s divisions, which include:

Division responsibilities include budget preparation and coordination, City Council staff report coordination, personnel administration, response to requests for information, liability claims investigation, AB939 compliance, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance, coordination of development plan review, and special projects.

 Staff Members

The Public Works Director, Tony Olmos, focuses on issues that impact the department and working with the superintendents and supervisors of the divisions to ensure that each has clear goals, a vision of future needs and the correct set of skills to achieve the results expected.

The Director is aided by Senior Management Analysts Gillian Lobo and Warren Coleman whose job it is to provide analysis of key items, keep informed of the department’s projects and goals, handle a majority of contract preparation, and any other tasks. Executive Assistant, Yvonne Lopez, and Administrative Clerks, Annette Puerto and Bridget Enos, provide support to all divisions and handle tasks such as payroll, invoicing, the Maintenance Management Program data entry, and database management for backflow prevention.