Water Division


The Water Division is responsible for the city’s potable water system, including backflow prevention and water quality issues. Water service is established as part of City of Brea Utilities. Use the link for complete information. To request service, you may call 714 990-7687.

Superintendent Rudy Correa and Supervisor Matthew Matlock, manage a system that supplies water imported from Municipal Water District of Orange County and Cal Domestic Water Company to over 13,000 water connections. This requires reservoirs, pumps, and over 100 miles of pipeline and a crew of workers to keep the water system in good, dependable condition and providing high quality water to all as evidenced by the annual Water Quality Confidence Report published by the division. Click here to view Cal Domestic's annual report.

The division is proud of its excellent customer service, which can only be accomplished through the work of each member of the division who does a wide variety of water related tasks that include:

  • Backflow system inspection and repair
  • Mainline repairs
  • Meter repair and servicing
  • Pressure regulator maintenance
  • Pump maintenance
  • Reservoir maintenance
  • Service line repairs
  • Water quality testing

Other tasks include meter reading and customer care site visits. The field crew consists of water distribution operator I and II positions. Each worker holds a certification issued by the State of California that indicates specific training and knowledge that meets established minimum standards for the handling of potable water and management of a water system of Brea’s size.

For leak detection or water service troubleshooting, you may contact Public Works at 714 990-7691.

Water Saving Rebates Available
The City of Brea is committed to saving water and wants to encourage its water customers to participate in rebates that are offered, not only to save water but to help save money. Let's make Water Conservation a California Way of Life! Every drop of water saved today is an investment towards a sustainable future. Please visit www.ocwatersmart.com to see what rebates you qualify for.

2020 Urban Water Management Plan & 
Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Appendix J - Reduced Delta Reliance Addendum to 2015 UWMP-2021.06.24

Brea 2020 UWMP Appendices FINAL-2021.06.24

Brea 2020 UWMP FINAL-2021.06.24

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