Stormwater Program

Brea’s Stormwater Program is based upon best practices using the latest pollution prevention standards. You can reference pollution prevention tips for both residents and businesses, educational materials, and links to other stormwater resources using the links to the left on this page. This collection of information gives you the tools you need to prevent stormwater pollution and help keep our creeks, channels, bays, and ocean clean.

 To learn more, select from topics in the left column of this page. If you are looking for stormwater related information not available on this site, please contact the City of Brea’s Stormwater Department at 714-990-7667.

How Storm Drain Systems Work

Storm drain systems are designed to prevent flooding by carrying rainwater / stormwater away from city streets and out to the ocean. Stormwater enters the system through a series of catch basins distributed throughout the city. From the catch basins, water moves through an underground piping system where it empties into the nearest water body. These water bodies are either natural creeks or creeks that have been paved over and are called flood control channels. Because the storm drain system contains no filters, it serves the unintended function of carrying urban pollution out to the nearest water body and then straight to the ocean.

How to Identify When Pollution is Occurring

Water pollution comes in many forms. Sometimes you can see or smell it and other times you cannot. The only water that should be entering the storm drain system is rainwater falling from the sky. However, you may sometimes see water flowing in the street gutters when it is not raining or you may see or smell something peculiar in a creek or channel. Check out the allowable discharges and illegal discharges pages and use these guidelines to determine if pollution is occurring. When in doubt, call the City of Brea reporting hotline. It’s better to be safe than polluted!