Brea Public Works Standard Plans

Brea Public Works Standard Plans

The reference documents catalogued here are provided as a convenience to contractors who are engaged in public works and other construction activity within the City of Brea. Please download details as they may apply to a particular job. Questions about the content here may be directed to the Engineering Division.

Brea Standard Plans detailed documents are organized into topical sections as listed below. Use the panel to the left or the list below to chose a section you wish to reference and be linked to a list of available detail documents. Refer to the latest edition of APWA (Standard Plans for Public Works Construction - SPPWC) or Caltrans Standard Plans for details not shown here.

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Street Improvements

Section 2 - Sewer Facilities

Section 3 - Water Facilities

Section 4 - Storm Drain Facilities

Section 5 - Street Lighting and Signs

Section 6 - Landscaping and Irrigation System

Section 7 - General Facilities

City Standard Border for Development Projects – Autocad