Water Ordinance

Water Ordinance 1221 Promotes Water Conservation

The City of Brea has adopted the new Water Shortage Contingency Response Ordinance 1221 on June 1, 2021. Efforts to conserve remain important in order to protect supplies. Wasteful practices are always prohibited under statewide restrictions that have been made permanent. 

Make Water Conservation a Way of Life! 

  1. No outdoor watering from 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
  2. Outdoor automated irrigation is limited to only three days per week: Wednesday, Friday & Sunday from May to September. Beginning October to April, the watering schedule changes to one day a week: Wednesday.
  3. Limit watering to 10 minutes per station. 

Orange County has been a leader in water issues. Learn more about what is being done regionally in this PSA.
Please take time to scan through other helpful articles on this website and link to other sites like ocwatersmart that detail various programs through regional water authorities.

How is the City of Brea Conserving  Water? 

Landscape Areas – All landscape areas including City-owned medians, parkways, and facilities are on a three-day schedule which is Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday nights with a water window between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Irrigation heads are adjusted to mainly water the existing trees, and the turf surrounding will no longer be watered. Some exceptions include newly landscaped medians and parkways that have a drip irrigation system to water new low-water use plants, and existing trees. 

Parks – Any turf in Parks that is designated for recreational use, in particular, Sports Fields, family play areas, or heavily used areas for dog walking will be watered three nights per week. The water days are also Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. Sports Fields’ water days may vary based on the most heavily used days to avoid wet fields before a big game day to reduce unsafe conditions and possibly damage to the fields. Additionally, for safety reasons, a field may receive an extra night of watering if the soil is getting too hard or dry to play on safely. Arovista Park is an exception as it uses non-potable water from a well at the Brea Creek Golf Course. Non-potable water is not treated to drinking water standards and is not meant for human consumption. The use of non-potable water provides the City an opportunity to water extra at that park without affecting water savings. 

 Individual Park Schedules:

  • Arovista Park – (well water) Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • City Hall Park – Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Country Hills Park – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday due to sports games on Saturdays
  • Founders Park – Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Greenbriar Park – Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Jr. High Park – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday due to sports games on Saturdays
  • Lagos De Moreno Park – Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Olinda Ranch Park – Sun, Tues, Thurs due to sports games on Saturdays
  • Sports Park – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday due to lawn mower days and weekend sports game days
  • Tamarack Park – Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday due to sports games on Saturdays
  • Wildcatters Park – Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday due to sports games on Saturdays
  • Woodcrest Park – Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

**After a measurable rain event, all City irrigation will remain shut off for a minimum of 72 hours.

Get Water Wasters to Adjust It

There should never be a spray of water onto pavement or into storm drains. Sprinklers might be set on a cycle that runs too long or too frequently. Or perhaps they are not adjusted properly. Sometimes a broken line jets out potable water that makes a mess and is wasteful of a precious resource. What should you do when you observe water waste?

If you can, please contact the property owner and tell them as soon as possible. They should appreciate your courteous notification that can help them save on utility costs. If you don't know who is responsible, please contact the City of Brea water division with the address and time that waste was observed. The property owner can be identified through billing records and city staff will make a contact and help guide them in making needed efficiency adjustments.

Brea's adopted water conservation ordinance includes important restrictions for everyone to follow. If you notice something out of compliance, it is appreciated that you either call the Public Works Department at 714-990-7691. Please note the address along with the date/time water waste was observed so Public Works can follow up.

Be Smart About Toilets and Drains

Your toilet is not a trash can. Be smart about what not to flush down a toilet or drain. It's part of your responsibility to care for water quality. Plus, you just may be able to avoid a nasty clog or spill.

Ongoing Rebates

Save money and water by participating in rebate programs that may be applicable.