Citation Information

Court Dates & Fines

Your signature on the bottom of the citation is your promise to appear on or before the assigned court date at the named court.

The North Justice Center (NJC) generally mails a courtesy notice to recipients of traffic citations which lists the fines owed for the violations and if you are eligible for Traffic School and/or dismissal of any violations. However, this is only a courtesy.

 Traffic Citations

The NJC Traffic Division can be reached at 877-872-2122. Failure to appear and/or pay for your fines before the listed court date may result in the suspension of your driver's license and/or a warrant issued for your arrest. For more details, please visit the Superior Court of California County of Orange Traffic Court website.

Parking Citation Information

You must pay the fine or request an administrative review within 21 days of the issue date of the citation. The fine for the violation is listed on the front of the citation and the detailed information on how to process the citation is listed on the bottom. Failure to comply with the instructions listed will result in an increase in the fine and ultimately a refusal by DMV to renew your vehicle's registration. Check on the status of your parking ticket.

Arrest & Court Information

You must appear at the court designated on your citation on the appearance date and time given unless further notified by the court. Failure to appear may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. The NJC Criminal Division can be reached at 877-872-2122.