Plan Submittal Fee Deposit

Fee Deposits

Because it is not possible to know exactly how much staff time will be spent on a given project when it is initially submitted, we request a deposit at the time we begin to process the project based on an estimate of how much time will be spent. If the project ends up requiring more time, an invoice is processed for additional funds. If the project is completed before the entire deposit is used, a refund is processed as quickly as possible.

The deposit includes the plan check and inspection costs. Payment must be rendered in full on the same day the plans are submitted. Below shows the formula of how to calculate your fees. 

Deposit + Permit Issuance = Total

While it is easier to work with a blank check, we understand the necessity of obtaining the fees prior to submitting plans. A credit/debit card payment can only be made with a Visa or Mastercard. 

Please contact the Brea Fire Department for more information at 714-990-7655.