City of Brea's Legislative Program


Brea continually seeks sources of outside funding to support our capital projects and programs offered to the community. The city submits requests for federal appropriations to our federal legislators each year and applies for state and federal grant opportunities. In addition, the city actively pursues available dollars from the state infrastructure bond measures and federal stimulus package.


The City of Brea recognizes the need for active legislative engagement at the local, state, and federal levels to protect and enhance the interests of Brea’s residents and businesses. City officials maintain close relationships with Brea’s state and federal representatives. The City Council adopts an annual legislative platform, which serves as the foundation for the city’s advocacy strategy. The city actively monitors state and federal legislation and takes appropriate action, when required, to protect the city’s interests and local legislative authority.

Legislative Resources

Brea has many resources available to support its Legislative Program. The League of California Cities provides access to valuable information through its Grassroots Program and local staff so our elected officials and staff can keep abreast of major legislation and issues at the state level. Brea actively participates in the Orange County Legislative Network coordinated by the Orange County Division of the League of California Cities. Brea also retains the services of Townsend Public Affairs to provide critical information on state and federal legislation and issues that affect the city.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact 714-990-7711.