How to Join the Brea Team

The City of Brea seeks talented, customer-service oriented individuals to fill available positions. If you are interested in providing exceptional service to the Brea community, we invite you to apply for one of our open positions. Applications can be accepted online only if a position is open and recruiting has been announced. If there aren't any positions currently available, you can complete an online interest card.

How to Find Open Positions

You can find out about open positions in several ways:

  • Check the current job opportunities section of this website for detailed information on individual job specifications.
  • Check the bulletin boards located at the Brea Community Center or Civic and Cultural Center.
  • Watch for ads in online or in trade and professional publications.

The Human Resources Division, located on the third floor of the Brea Civic and Cultural Center, can provide a copy of a career opportunity bulletin describing full details related to any job opening.

Application Tips

Some tips for filing an application with the City of Brea:

  • Pay careful attention to instructions and deadlines. If an “open until needs are met” phrase is used in lieu of a specific deadline, that means the position may close without notice once a sufficient number of qualified applications have been received.
  • Complete all information requested on the online application form even if a resume is going to be attached.
  • If a supplemental questionnaire is required, be sure to use it to elaborate on previous experience that is relevant to the job.

Hiring Process

The hiring process takes a while. You will be notified on the status of your application as soon as possible after the filing deadline, or you can check your status online. Generally the screening process takes several weeks because a large number of applications are usually received. There may be several intermediate steps necessary prior to an interview with the hiring authority (department or manager actually posting a job opening). These steps might be taking a test or appearing before an oral appraisal board. The Human Resources Division will contact you to schedule these steps when appropriate.

Once the applications are screened and appraisals are completed, an employment eligibility list is created and forwarded to the hiring authority. Human Resources will notify qualified candidates that they are being considered. At this point the hiring authority may contact you and schedule an in-person interview. Once the hiring authority has made a decision and extended an offer to the successful candidate, Human Resources will notify others on the list of their status.

If a candidate has made it to this stage and has not been selected, they will still remain on an employment eligibility list for a period of up to one year. Future vacancies may then be filled from this list on a city-wide basis.