Employee Salary Information

Brea City Council Salaries & Benefits

The stipend for City Council Members is set by ordinance, using the standards established by the government code for general law cities. City Council Members have declined to increase the stipend, and currently receive base stipend of $680.69 per month. Beginning in November 2012, newly elected Council Members are not eligible for medical or other insurance benefits.

City Employee Salary Information

Information is presented by job classification, and includes base “salary.” 

According to Brea’s long-standing practice, employees' memorandums of understanding (MOU), which include information on job classifications, benefits, and pay ranges have been available online for many years. For details regarding employee benefit eligibility, please refer to these current labor agreements with employee associations for respective job classifications. Depending on job categories, employees may or may not be eligible for overtime pay. Brea job descriptions / classifications are also posted.

Within the recently down-sized organization not all the positions posted are filled. Some have been left vacant during reorganization.

Controller’s Government Compensation in California

The State Controller's Government Compensation in California website also provides information on employee pay and benefits. Public employers like Brea, annually report employee compensation to the State Controller's Office. View and search employee job titles, build charts and graphics, and download custom reports and raw data.