SWAT 1Special Weapons & Tactics (S.W.A.T.)

The Brea Police Department SWAT Team is a part-time unit comprised of designated law enforcement officers who are specifically trained and equipped to respond to critical incidents exceeding first-responder’s capabilities. These critical incidents include hostage-taking, barricaded suspects, terrorist acts, serving high-risk search/arrest warrants, and other high-risk incidents.

The Brea Police Department SWAT Team is an element of a regional SWAT Team known as the North County SWAT Team (N.C.S.). The North County SWAT Team encompasses SWAT Teams from Brea, CSUF, Fullerton, La Habra, La Palma, and Placentia Police Departments. North County SWAT has specialized units within the team, including Crisis Negotiators and Tactical Dispatchers.