Temporary Permit

Short-Term Use

The City of Brea offers an option for residents to self-issue a temporary, short-term permit that may be needed for a guest using overnight on-street parking for a limited time period. Residents also may self-issue a permit for a household registered vehicle that cannot park overnight on private property due to a temporary situation. A few examples of these short-term conditions are:

  • Guests staying overnight
  • Minor repairs underway to the driveway or garage
  • Temporary on-site storage of construction materials for the property

Download a self-issued permit form, complete it, and place it on the driver's side dashboard in clear view. You may also post a handwritten note on an 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper with the following information:

  • Reason for the overnight parking
  • Name and address of the Brea property owner or resident who is responsible for that parked car
  • A clearly written date and the owner / resident signature


A new permit is required to be placed for each day a car may be parked on the street. The option of a self-issued permit cannot be used to exceed seven consecutive days, or for a total of 14 days for any particular vehicle. Please be aware that this permit does not exempt a vehicle from the other normal parking restrictions that may apply for public safety or weekly street sweeping purposes.

Questions about parking permits can be directed to 714-671-4406.