Approved Environmental Documents

LocationProject DescriptionApplicantApproved Environmental DocumentsDate
Brea 265 The Brea 265 Specific Plan proposes a master-planned residential community of low- and medium-density residential neighborhoods, parks, recreational amenities, and open space linked together by an extensive trail network that connects to the Tracks at Brea and other regional systems. 

At buildout, the proposed project would provide up to 450 low-density units and 650 medium-density units—a total of 1,100 units with an overall average density of 4.2 dwelling units per acre. The maximum density for Low-Density Residential (LDR) would be 6.0 du/ac and for Medium Density Residential (MDR) would be 12.0 du/ac. 

The project would include up to 110 affordable housing units in accordance with the proposed Development Agreement. The proposed project also provides up to 15.1 acres of parks/recreations uses, 47.5 acres of open space, and 2.0 acres of rights-of-way

Aera EnergyJune 2022

March 2022
Brea PlaceAs proposed, the project would allow for a mixed‐use development with 747 multi‐family Section 2 Description of Proposed Project 9 Brea Place Project residential units, a 150‐room hotel, and 16,900 square feet of commercial uses. 

Existing surface parking areas associated with the on‐site office buildings would be partially displaced to allow for new site development. 

The existing two‐level parking structure would be expanded to create two additional   above‐ground parking levels resulting in a four‐level structure inclusive of rooftop parking.
Brea Place Acquisition Partners, LLC, known as Brea PartnersFebruary 2017
Central Park Village

The Central Park Village Development is on a 15.40 acre site within the City of Brea. The Project proposes the development of up to 452 residential units and 66,000 square feet of commercial space in a vertical and horizontal mixed-use configuration. 

The Project features a one (1) acre privately owned and maintained park that is provided for both the enjoyment of Project residents, as well as the entire Brea community. 

The Project features 369 apartment lofts/flats and 83 single-family attached townhomes.

Brea Central VillageApril 2012
La FlorestaLa Floresta Development is a proposal on two non-contiguous sites within the City of Brea, the La Floresta Village Site, which is 119.0 acres in size, and the Birch Hills Site, which is 91.3 acres in size. 

The Project proposed on the La Floresta Village Site totals 1,110 residential units, 156,800 square feet of mixed-use commercial, and 53.27 acres devoted to an active adult community with a recreation center for project residents. 

The Project as proposed on the Birch Hills Site is.75.60 acres of open space, a community facility with a clubhouse located in the open space, and 247 high-density residential dwellings, including workforce housing. 
La Floresta LLCMay 2010

August 2008

December 2006
Brea Plaza
The Applicant is requesting a General Plan Amendment (GPA), Zone Change (ZC), Conditional Use Permits (CUP), and a Precise Development (PD) at 1639 East Imperial Highway. 

The proposal would include the demolition of an 18,450 square-foot theater and adjacent surface parking lot with the intent for construction of a six-story, mixed-use building containing 155-residential dwelling units, 13,800 square feet of office space, a minimum total of 871 parking spaces, and modification to the Brea Plaza Comprehensive Sign Program
BOSC Realty Advisors
November 2009

April 2008