Business Plan


The City is proud to welcome your business in Brea. Before beginning the process of establishing your business, consider assembling a Business Plan. A Business Plan can act as the foundation to ensure your business succeeds in Brea. Having a clear understanding of your vision beforehand will aid you when beginning to start the process with the City. When assembling your Business Plan, consider the following elements commonly included in a Business Plan:

  • Executive Summary 

A short paragraph that includes a brief description of the business, the type of product and/or services offered, and the broad goals for the next year or two. In addition to giving yourself a personal outline, this summary is also helpful when applying for loans.

  • Market Analysis 

This section outlines your consumer base as well as potential competition. Who is buying your product/service? Who will you be competing against? There questions should directly tie in to the proposed location of your business. Make sure your location choice is informed by these two elements.

  • Organization & Management 

Write out a description of your costs of operation. Employees, materials, transportation, and time should all be accounted for.

  • Marketing & Sales 

Even if your business is optimally positioned near your customer base, you still should have a way of reaching them. How do you plan to advertise your product/service so as to achieve your sale goals?

  • Financing 

Finally, it is time to put all of the elements together to estimate your bottom line. Using what you have already gathered in the steps above, you should be able to estimate the future profitability of your business. Remember, it is unlikely that you will make a profit your first year or two. However do not be discouraged! Having an accurate view of the financial potential for your business will help you plan accordingly for the future.

The City of Brea is here to support and guide you through this process. If you feel ready to begin your business in Brea, proceed with verifying your zoning.