Build Your Own Emergency Kit

ChecklistThe smartest resolution anyone can make is to get prepared for emergency situations. These could result from natural disasters, such as floods, fires, earthquakes, or from man-made threats. How ready will you be should the worst happen? Should an actual major disaster strike, families and neighbors will want to be ready in order to first work together for comfort and protection.

Getting Emergency Information

Learn more about emergency preparedness by visiting these useful websites for background detail and additional instructions:

  • - The Department of Homeland Security offers comprehensive information about preparing for various disasters and emergencies.
  • Los Angeles County Administration Emergency Survival Program - The Los Angeles County Administration presents their Emergency Survival Program (ESP) complete with handy two-page printouts that are instructive on safety subjects. These may be downloaded and copied for student or civic group presentations.
  • Download a supplies checklist.

 Local Emergency Information Sources

In case of a community-wide emergency in Brea, local information is posted on Time Warner cable channel 3, channel 99 on AT&T U-verse and the city’s website. An emergency information line is activated to report road closures, etc. Please make a note of: (714) 990-7732. Regular updates are made to all of these outlets and to commercial media as the situation changes.

Sign Up for the Free Orange County Alert Notification System

Another important step is to take advantage of the free Orange County notification system, AlertOC.

FEMA Provides Homeowner Earthquake Guidelines

There are many considerations to make structures safer against the forces of earthquakes. FEMA offers homeowner guidelines to assist in strengthening the places where people reside.