Mapping Tools

At the April 5, 2022 City Council Meeting, the City Council voted to not proceed with transitioning to by-district City Council elections. 

Help us Draw Brea

Citizens are encouraged to use the mapping tools below to draw their own district map for Brea City Council elections.

1. Paper-only maps for those without internet access or who prefer paper.

2. Paper maps with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to calculate population totals.

3. Interactive web viewer – Brea Districting 2021-2022 ( Zoom in and out on map boundaries and view population counts/ID#s. Similar to Google Maps in ease of use.

4. Interactive Mapping Application (DRA)

5. Advanced Interactive Mapping Application (Maptitude)

Send your completed maps to If using the Districting Website Application, copy the URL of your completed map and paste it into an email to notify the City of your map submission. It is helpful to submit written comments with your map describing how your map was drawn to meet the required criteria. An example of this would be describing the specific neighborhoods or communities of interest that are kept within a single district.