Chapter One

On view February 1 - March 27, 2020, this fantastical exhibition explored the art of storytelling. Chapter One allowed patrons to dive into original narratives, travel to mystical realms, and meet strange, mysterious characters as they wandered through the exhibit filled with painting, illustration, stop-motion film, and more. With interactive art projects and family-friendly activities, this show captivated visitors of all ages. 

Exhibiting Artists:

Angela Deane, Brian Serway, Carole Gelker, Caroline McFarlane-Watts, Red Nose Studio, Deth P. Sun, Emily Hart Wood, Jennifer Nguyen, Katie Gamb, Kendra Binney, Marika Paz, The Happy Joy, Priscilla Moreno, Stephanie Bayles, Theo Ellsworth, Vanessa Gillings,  and Virginie Mazureau.

YouTuber Zach King filmed a part of his inspiring video inside the gallery during our Chapter One Exhibition