Men's Softball League

League Information

Our Fall season of Men's Softball is currently underway! The next season is scheduled to begin in January 30, 2022. If you'd like to join the league for next season, check out the upcoming season registration packet below for details. Please reach out to the Adult Sports Specialist desk at 714-990-7171. Standings for the league are posted weekly with each team's win-loss record. Teams will have until the beginning of the fourth game to make roster changes. Any questions or comments should be directed to Adult Sports Specialist at 714-990-7171.

Next Season - Winter 2022

Current Season - Fall 2021

Men's Softball Standings - Week 8

1Bleacher Preachers 
2The Middle Relievers810
3Seal Team Sticks630
4Morning Star181
5Brea Bombers091

Week 8 - Matchups

The Middle Relievers W vs. Brea Bombers L

Brea Bombers L 6 vs. Seal Team Sticks W

Morning Star 2 vs. Bleacher Preachers 25